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King Prawns Soup

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King Prawns SoupSeafood Crustacean starter… King Prawns Soup!

I know people who kill for seafood and it happens that I am one of them. Fresh seafood is easy to find in the Mediterranean and in Malta we have plenty of that especially in the fish market of Marsaxlokk which is situated in the southern part of Malta.

This fishing village is a God’s Heaven for fish lovers as you can’t get freshest fish and seafood better then Marsaxlokk. The place is bombarded on Sunday from the early hours as not just the locals but even tourists pops out to get their fish. I found this lovely king prawns at 14 euros per kilo that tempted me to cook them for lunch and so I did.

I started off to prepare the most important thing for an exquisite King Prawns Soup the prawns stock. Since I got fresh whole king prawns, I cleaned them out and I kept the king prawns shell which I used for the stock. Practically if you don’t have a basic prawns stock don’t expect a delicious King Prawns Soup.

Here’s the recipe…

King Prawns Soup


12 king prawns (meat & shell)
2 onions
1 small courgette
350g pumpkin diced
pinch of tarragon
pinch of nutmeg
1 litre king prawn Stock (to be prepared ahead)

Method for King Prawns Soup

Prawn Stock Method

– Put the defrosted King Prawns in a bowl with some water and vinegar (This will facilitate peeling the King Prawns). Then sat aside the the Prawn Crustaceans (the peel).
– In a deep pot add some olive oil and fry 1 small diced onion, 1 stalk celery & 1 small carrot for 3-4 mins.
– Then add the Prawns Crustaceans (Prawn peel) in the pot while continuefrying till the peel turns into red colour. Add 10 whole peppercorns, pinch of parsley & 6 basil leafs. Continue to cook for another minute.
– Carefully add the 2 tots Anissette to the mixture and leave till evaporates.Pour 2 tbsp of tomato puree and mix well.
– Finally add 1litre of water and leave till boils, then lower your heat and cook for further 20 minutes. Pass through a sieve while squeezing well to gain all the flavours of the Prawn Stock.

Soup Method

– In a deep pot put some olive oil and fry the onions for 2 minutes, then add the king prawns & continue to cook for further 3 minutes.
– Add the courgettes and the pumpkin to the prawns and fry for 3 minutes. Add the nutmeg & tarragon and combine.
– Pour over the Prawn Stock to the pot leave to boil and simmer for 8-10 minutes.Season with some salt & pepper
– Liquidize the soup and serve.

(You can add 1 small fresh chilli and finish off with 200ml of coconut milk as an other alternative of the soup)

King Prawns Soup

King Prawns Soup

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