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Nam Nguyen is Food Blogger of the Month of May

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Nam Nguyen from the Food Blog The Culinary Chronicles is The Food Blogger of the Month of May!

Nam Nguyen was born in the suburbs of Minneapolis, Minnesota. Her family were Vietnamese refugees and although we were far from “middle-class”, I never felt the struggles of money when it came to the quality (and quantity) of food that we enjoyed. Getting South East Asian ingredients in the midwest during the 1970′s was no small feat….but my mom made it happen. She incorporated “western” products into our traditional dishes and indulged our modest family budget with fresh, quality ingredients. She was my original “Baller on a budget!”

Nam Nguyen started her blog in November 2009 and to her surprise, she  found that the experience was amazing! From then on she met thousands of people across the world through The Culinary Chronicles — all because we share a common appreciation and fascination for food. Seriously—it just doesn’t get any cooler than that.

Nam Nguyen’s Profile

Food Blogger’s Name – Nam Nguyen

Food Blog Name – The Culinary Chronicles

Foodie’s Country – USA

Food Blog Cooking Style – All Genres

Favourite Recipe Ever- Too Many to just pick one!

Favourite Herb – Cilantro or Thyme

Cravings for – Mom’s Home Cooking

Food Blog Media Recognition/Awards – n/a

Signature Dish – Porcini Crust Lamb Chops

Favourite Cooking Method – Crock Pot Braise or Stove Top Grilling

Nam Nguyen from The Culinary Chronicles Food Blog Interview

1. When did you start cooking and who inspired you to chop your first onion and boil your first potatoes?

Coming from a large, close-knit family, cooking and food was an integral component in our lives. The kitchen was where all of the “magic” happened and where my mom and aunts would gather to create amazing foods. Without a doubt, our mom was my inspiration for cooking and we all started in the kitchen at a very early age. I’d venture to say I was 5 or 6 when I was given my first “culinary task”.

Nam Nguyen - Linguine alla Carbonara Recipe from

2. What inspired you to start your own Food Blog and when this thing happened?

My siblings and I would often call/email each other for recipes and share stories/photos of our cooking successes. It was so difficult to keep track of things that I finally decided to start writing a food blog in order to help document my Foodventures. I wrote my first post in November of 2009 and I have truly loved the experience ever since.

3. What are your goals with your Food Blog this year?

  • Publish more posts on Vietnamese cuisine
  • Improve photography skills
  • Design the site to be more user friendly

4. How did your lifestyle changed since you have been a Food Blogger?

I think the biggest change in my lifestyle is that I am constantly chasing daylight when I cook! I like to photograph dishes with natural light so sometimes it become a race to finish before the sun goes down.

5. 3 words to describe your Food Blog.

Honest. Yummy. Foodventure.

6. What is the reason one should cook, follow and subscribe your Food Blog?

I think someone should cook for the Joy and Adventure of the experience. There isn’t one day that I do not learn something new while I’m cooking—-from learning how to “pince” items and even to becoming more patient. In every respect, I am a Home Cook with a passion for food and an eagerness to learn everything that goes with it. Folks that follow my blog are with me every step of the way through some wonderful culinary successes to some heinous kitchen follies.  And yes, I am quick to share my kitchen-flops, which I think many people can connect with.

Nam Nguyen - Chocolate Raspberry Cupcakes Recipe from

I think the greatest highlight of my “blogging career” was when I started receiving messages and comments from food bloggers who I have followed for years. In my eyes, these people were SUPER STARS and I couldn’t believe that they were actually reading my ramblings.

8. If you have to select one recipe you have published on your Food Blog that you highly recommended anyone to cook. Which would that be and why?

If I had to recommend one recipe of mine for someone to try, it would probably be my Bún Thịt Nướng, which is Vietnamese Grilled Pork over Vermicelli Noodles. I’d recommend it because I believe it truly exemplifies Vietnamese cuisine with its complex balance. It plays with savory and sweet flavors and offers a variety of textures from the crunchy veggies and peanuts to the chewy and soft noodles. It’s also really bright and herbaceous from all of the citrus and fresh cilantro. And well, it’s absolutely delicious.

9. Having cooked many recipes and then published them online on your Food Blog for the world to indulge, do you consider to make your own cook book, what will you name it and to whom you will dedicate it?

It would be a dream to write a cook book. I think the main challenge for me would be to focus on just one theme or genre—-because I am sure it would be a nightmare for any editor to wrangle in a book with all of my eclectic recipes and interests. But without a doubt, the book would be called “Foodventures

10. Name 5 Ingredients you won’t live without that you have in your pantry or in your fridge and why?

  • Nước Mắm (Vietnamese Fish Sauce): Nước Mắm to a Vietnamese person is like Olive Oil to an Italian. We can’t live without it—it’s in our blood.
  • Maggi Seasoning: Growing up, my family used it in lieu of traditional Soy Sauce. In fact, we grew up calling Maggi “Xì dầu” (soy sauce), although it technically is not and has a unique flavor of its own. I put it in everything—even non Asian dishes!
  • Chili (Either paste, sauce, dried, fresh, etc.): I love spice and heat—everything tastes better with a little “kick” to it.
  • Garlic: There are few things in life that I enjoy more than the smell of garlic cooking. It’s aromatic, delicious, and they’re even health benefits!
  • Butter: Butter makes everything better. And as a novice baker, I would be hard pressed without it.

11. What is your favourite Kitchen Gadget and why it is that important in your kitchen?

My Le Creuset French Oven. I’m pretty sure my cooking life would be meaningless without it.

12. If you could keep only one Cook Book from your collection, which one would you keep and what is the reason for that?

Ad Hoc At Home” by Thomas Keller……for the sole reason that he is a culinary god.

13. If you are deserted on an island what are those 3 things you’ll get with you and why?

Le Creuset French Oven, Santoku Knife, KitchenAid Stand Mixer

14. What is your favourite quote that you want to share with all the readers?

“I’ve long believed that good food, good eating, is all about risk. Whether we’re talking about unpasteurized Stilton, raw oysters or working for organized crime ‘associates,’ food, for me, has always been an adventure.”— Anthony Bourdain


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