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Orecchiette al Pomodoro e Salsiccia

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Orecchiette al Pomodoro e SalsicciaLet your ears do the talking… Orecchiette al Pomodoro e Salsiccia!

With over 200 types of Pasta one can find in the market, you have so much choice if you are a Pasta Lover like many out there including myself.

Some prefers long Pasta like Spaghetti, Bavette and Linguine. Others prefer short Pasta like Penne, Farfalle or Fusilli. There are others who goes mad for stuffed Pasta like Tortellini, Ravioli or Cannelloni. As long as it is Pasta you will have a great meal once it is cooked ‘Al Dente’ which means ‘To the bite’.

In Italy when you go to eat in Trattoria’s you will normally eat other kinds of Pasta that is home made with different shapes. One of those Pasta that really impressed me were the Pasta Ears (Orecchiette) which in Italy they normally serve then with a tomato base sauce, nothing fancy just true, fresh and legit food. I took the chance to try out a recipe I did some time ago but instead of Orecchiette I used Penne Rigate for this sauce.

For this Orecchiette al Pomodoro e Salsiccia sauce I used fresh home made Maltese Sausages (A true local delicacy with Pork & herbs) from my favourite butcher that he prepares himself. You can use any fresh Pork Sausages instead of Maltese Sausages for this recipe. I also used some fresh Rosemary that I grow at home to give that wild flavour it needs to merge with the tomato sauce.

It is a simple dish to prepare and it is great to have it as a meal itself for Lunch or as a small portion as a starter for Dinner. It is a very filling recipe.

Orecchiette al Pomodoro e Salsiccia


500g orecchiette pasta
3 tomatoes, large diced
2 rosemary, fresh sprigs
1tbsp garlic, chopped
2tbsp tomato paste
pinch mixed spice
2(125g) Maltese Sausages
some boiling water from the pasta
salt (optional)
cracked black pepper

Method for Orecchiette al Pomodoro e Salsiccia

– In sauce pan add some extra virgin olive oil and fry the chopped garlic.

– After a minute add the Maltese Sausage meat which you have to remove the skin and then crumble.

– Continue frying till the sausage meat is getting golden brown.

– Add the mixed spice and the chopped fresh rosemary to the sauce pan and mix.

– Then add the tomato paste and mix with a wooden spoon to incorporate the tomato paste with the other ingredients.

– The next ingredient to add is the chopped fresh tomatoes and about 4/5 tbsp of hot water from the Pasta pot.

– Season with salt & cracked black pepper to taste. Be careful on the salt as it is optional for this recipe.

– When you have the Orecchiette Pasta ready and cooked ‘Al Dente’ toss together with this Orecchiette al Pomodoro e Salsiccia sauce.

Grated Parmesan cheese can be added at last if you desire.

Orecchiette al Pomodoro e Salsiccia

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