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Real Stew is the Cookbook of the Month – January 2012

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Real Stew is the Cookbook of the Month for January –

Book Review – Real Stew Cookbook

Clifford Wright’s Real Stew offers 300 recipes for this delicious fare–everything from basic Irish stew through stroganoff, bouillabaisse, gumbo, feijoada, and much more. What makes Wright’s dishes–and cookbook–different from similar efforts (besides its “all-under-one-roof” commitment) is his insistence on authenticity. Readers will find, for example, a recipe for the famous French Daube Provençale t

Real Stew is the Cookbook of the Month - January 2012

hat calls for salt pork in addition to slab bacon, plus beef or veal foot, among other ingredients. Wright’s devotion to the real thing will excite most readers, and while it may discourage others, all will find the recipes clear and easy to follow. The results of Wright’s devotion to formulas in every way justify the kitchen (and shopping) duty required.

With notes on equipment and a comprehensive list of ingredient sources, the book is full of worthwhile information as well as wonderful cooking–Arthur Boehm

Real Stew” perfect just as the weather starts coming on cold, this cookbook makes wonderful leisure-time reading and is chock-full of terrific recipes to boot.

It is true that this isn’t the book if you are looking for quick one-pot recipes which you can make in a half an hour and toss into the oven. This is more the kind of book for a Saturday or Sunday afternoon cooking together as a family.

An easy-to-assemble ingredient lists help to make Wright’s “Real Stew” a real winner for both beginner and experienced cooks.

Real Stew by Clifford A. Wright

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