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Spaghetti with Coffee sauce

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Spaghetti with Coffee sauceTake your Taste buds to the next level with this Spaghetti with Coffee sauce!

Believe me, it has been hard for me as an anti-coffee guy to create this Pasta dish but surprisingly enough I did eat it too!

You are asking yourself… is he nuts? 🙂 I tell you what, you have to try this one out as soon as you finish reading this post. Simply delicious and worth surprising your loved ones with this. As Coffee is normally used in many recipes mainly in the desserts I wanted to turn the omelette (as we say in the kitchen slang world) with this innovative recipe that can become a hit with your family as it did with mine.

Spaghetti with Coffee sauce is a recipe that brings a different nutty brown taste to your palate. I used to put this as a ‘Daily Special’ where I used to work and after a while customers actually convinced themselves how good is this recipe. Funny were the many strange and surprised faces I witnessed as I told them if they have ever tried Spaghetti with Coffee sauce 🙂

You won’t notice the actual coffee effect but certainly you will smell the coffee aroma when it’s time you pour it in this Pasta sauce. Another thing you will notice is the beautiful beige colour in the sauce at the and of the cooking process.

Here’s the Spaghetti with Coffee sauce recipe for you…

Spaghetti with Coffee sauce


500g spaghetti
2 tbsp olive oil
1 small onion, finely diced
1 medium carrot, small diced
2 tbsp chopped celery
200g smoked ham, small diced
2 espresso coffees
100g grana padano, grated
150ml fresh cream
3 tbsp water from the pasta pot
pinch of salt
white pepper

Method for the Spaghetti with Coffee sauce

– In a large saute pan heat up the olive oil and then shallow fry the onions, carrot and celery for 2-3 minutes.

– Add the diced chopped smoked ham and continue frying for another 2 minutes.

– Pour over the 2 espresso coffees mix and let it reduce while the ingredients absorb the coffee.

– Add some water from the pasta pot and then add the cream and cook for 3 minutes.

– Finally add the grated Grana padano cheese and season with a pinch of salt and white pepper.

– When you have the Spaghetti cooked al dente toss them in the coffee sauce.

– Decorate with pinch of coffee powder and cheese (optional)

This recipe made it to the FoodBuzz Top 9

Spaghetti with Coffee sauceSpaghetti with Coffee sauce

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  • Spaghetti with Coffee sauce ? You gotta be kidding me 🙂

    A must try recipe for me and my wife, will let you know, how it turned out !


    • PimpThatFood

      Ohh Yeah! You must try it out Raso! Enjoy!