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Tasty BBQ’s Cook book – Review

December 10, 2011 by  
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Tasty BBQ’s Cook book… My 1st self published Recipe book just arrived!

Actually it has been a long journey as it was a long time goal I have just achieved as I made this goal when I was around 14 years of age. That time was when I wanted to be more hands on in the kitchen. The thing is that I remember writing my Goal that I want to have a published recipe book before I am 30 years old on a piece of paper that I carried with me using it as a book marker :).

Tasty BBQ's Cook bookIt is so thrilling as after all this hard work of sleepless nights during this Summer 2011, when people went on sunbathing or partying I was writing the content, scruffing the book design or creating the book logo. I kept going and going till I finally realized it and I can tell you that it feels like winning a Grammy award. My family (to whom I dedicated this book) were just a huge moral support so I could have finalized this product this year. Special thanks goes to my brother Jason for his proof reading.

The exciting part was when I heard the bell ringing and it was the postman, that handed me the first copy of my book after days waiting for this moment that finally arrived. I’ve got emotional and all fired up when I was holding the book in my hands thanking God for that moment, that I have dreamed for… it was special.

In this cook book one can discover 25 Original Marinade Recipes that I have crafted to be inexpensive, quick and simple to do. Although the recipe book is called Tasty BBQ’s the recipes are suitable also for in-house grilling and cooking.

One also can get an ebook version of this book from the Books section.

If you want to start using Gordon Attard’s recipes to learn how you can have some amazing marinating foods for you bbqs, go to Tasty BBQ’s Cook book now. Hurry though, because the BBQ season is ending soon :).

Tasty BBQ’s Cook book

Tasty BBQ's Cook book

Tasty BBQ’s Cook book

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