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Top 10 Food Blog WordPress Plugins

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Top 10 Food Blog WordPress Plugins that will rock your blog!

Top 10 Food Blog WordPress Plugins Here are the Top 10 Food Blog WordPress Plugins that I use and that I highly recommended to have for your Food blog if you use the wordpress platform.

I have been using this platform for over a year and a half now and it has been fantastic, especially with the amazing plugins that can be found to make your food blog work better and for your customers to browse your recipes and to share them much more easy. All of the Top 10 Food Blog WordPress Plugins have been tested and I am using them on this blog so I know that they work perfectly. Almost all of them can be searched and downloaded in the add new plugin section or by clicking on the name of each plugin below.

Top 10 Food Blog WordPress Plugins are :

1.  Livefyre Realtime Comments

Before this plugin I was using 3 other comment plugins but neither beats the Livefyre Realtime Comments. It is very sleek and professional plus it is excellent to leave your customers plugged in your food blog thanks to it’s compatibility with facebook and twitter. Also who comment and your replies will be received via email as well. This one really rocks!

2. Print Friendly and PDF

I recently add this to my food blog as I received many comments about not getting able to print out my recipes. I can say I found the suitable plugin for that matter as this Print Friendly and PDF plugin does everything in a neat way plus it adds your food blog url on top which gives you credit for that recipe. A treasure!

3. Tweet old post

Your Old posts will keep being shared with this plugin over and over again. You can also connect this to your facebook account so your old posts can be also shared on your wall or your fb page. Important to time your posts between each other 3-5 hrs are best so you won’t annoy anyone :). Great plugin to increase traffic!

4. Slick Social Share Buttons

Share your recipes on social media. The Slick Social Share Buttons plugin is a floating bar that is brilliant if you are like me that you don’t want you social media sharing buttons in the post itself for many reasons. I used to have others social share in the posts and recipes before but I had a lot of problems in conflicting with my photos and write up. This is why I recommend this plugin for your food blog.

5. Related Posts Thumbnails

I love this one as it will show 3 of your related posts as thumbnails below every post so you will keep your viewers interacting and searching your food blog for more content. You can change fonts and colours as it is very quick and easy to install.

6. Exclude Pages from Navigation

This is an awesome plugin as you can control which pages & widgets to show and where by simple ticking the box to exclude. I use it to have a clean homepage and to feature my other widgets in posts and recipes. Very clever plugin to have in your wordpress platform blog.


The single best investment I have purchased and thanks to this plugin I saw my posts and recipes ranked higher in google search. It is 100% accurate and you can go back and tweak your previous posts for a better optimization. One of the best plugin out there to have definitely as it is very easy SEO to have around in your food blog.

8. StatPress

Total control on your visits counter and you can track from where your viewers are coming. Very good for keeping up to date on how many visits you have everyday or every month plus you have more stats you can evaluate to improve your food blog visits.

9. Wp-insert

A great plugin to add your ads into like google ads and other related ads in your food blog. You can select where you want the ad to appear if it’s below post or above post etc… Just copy the ads code and place it in there.

10. All In One SEO Pack

This is a must to have on your blog as this will allow your posts to rank in sites like google and yahoo. This plug in automatically optimizes your titles for search engines. For beginners, you don’t even have to look at the options, it works out-of-the-box.

Which are your Top 10 Food Blog WordPress Plugins?

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